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AANS meeting blogs on NEUROSURGIC

NEUROSURGIC’s Managing Editor Steve Lenier attended the 2014 AANS meeting in San Francisco and did some blogging about it. Take a look here.

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Blog entry recognizes importance of industry

NEUROSURGIC’s Managing Editor Steve Lenier has written a blog entry about the important role that industry plays in the development of products and services that move the field of neurosurgery forward. Included with his thoughts is a short list of some of the industry partners he has had recent discussions with as he works to keep NEUROSURGIC on top of the continuing evolution of patient care.

You can read the blog entry here.


CNS 2013

CNS 2013

As Managing Editor of NEUROSURGIC, a social networking site for neurosurgeons, I had the pleasure of attending the recent annual meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. These meetings are always stimulating to me as I’m able to learn about the topics that are discussed in the general sessions, and the progress that’s been made by the commercial vendors, to interact with colleagues and old friends, and meet new people as well.

I’ve done some blogging about the meeting. There were some great presentations by special guests and some very nice features on the scientific program. The overall theme of the meeting was innovation and evolution in neurosurgery, which was very evident in the opening talks on the Sunday night of the meeting, which are summarized in one of my blog entries.

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