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NeuroMind 2 for iPhone available in App Store!

NeuroMind 2 for iPhone is now available in the App Store as a free upgrade! It contains a brand new category with interactive decision support like explained in this video, and almost 100 scores that are relevant for neurosurgery!

You can upgrade the installed version on your device or download the latest version from the App Store.

More images are available here.

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International

NeuroMind 2 for Android available now!

NeuroMind 2.0 for Android is now available for download from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market)! It is a free update with many improvements!

NeuroMind 2.0 on Android

A major improvement for version 2.0 is the addition of interactive clinical decision support, starting with 23 items. The system can easily be expanded to facilitate guideline implementation in a fast and individualized manner. Furthermore, NeuroMind 2.0 now contains almost 100 scores that are relevant for your neurosurgical practice.

More information is available here, and the underlying philosophy is explained in this video. You can click the Play-logo below to download:

See the gallery on for more screenshots! Enjoy the app!!

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International


Decision support for epidural hematoma

(this is a guest post from, slightly modified for Surgical Neurology International)

The Brain Trauma Foundation has created and published guidelines on the treatment of brain trauma a few years ago. The Guidelines for the Surgical Management of Traumatic Brain Injury are available as PDF and in a searchable online format. What lacks, is the availability on a mobile platform, preferably as an interactive decision support system (like their Head Injury Prognosis calculator). Seems an excellent topic for NeuroMind 2 (appears in Q1-2012).


The guidelines are text-based, no flowcharts have been provided. This makes direct implementation of the guidelines in an app difficult, as I think I need to make clear what algorithm is used in the app. In the end, if you intend to use it to make decisions, you need to be able to check the algorithm in case you want to. So here is the 1-2-3 of converting a text-based guideline into an application:

  1. Read the text of the guidelines (or in this case: the Recommendations)
  2. Create a flowchart from the text
  3. Build the app based on the flowchart

I will explain more about the symbols that are used in the flowchart in a separate topic. Until then, this Open Course Ware tutorial gives you a nice introduction.

Epidural hematoma

Now here is the flowchart I created:

And here is a screenshot of the app:

For some more details and screenshots, click here.

Pieter Kubben
Information Technology editor
Surgical Neurology International