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Besides articles we also offer you the ability to share your thoughts, opinions, techniques or other insights using our Posts, Societies and Videos category. These are not peer-reviewed in advance, but can be openly discussed by the visitors of our website. There are no fees involved for such content.

Posts are short topics with images and / or hyperlinks, and are classified according to the categories you see in the menu. If these posts are related to a specific society, they belong in our Societies menu (including conference announcements).

Videos can be placed in our Videos category.

If you have any interesting content that you like to be considered for one of these categories, you send it to our managing editor (for files larger than 5Mb, please use and the mail address below) :

Jim Cook

In case you experience any technical difficulties regarding the posts or videos, please contact our IT editor:

Pieter Kubben

Thank you for your valuable contributions!

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