Instructions Neurosurgery 2.0

The goal of this page is to get you started with Web 2.0 features that are relevant for neurosurgery and neuroscience. In general medicine this is often referred to as Medicine 2.0 or Health 2.0. In the context of neurosurgery and neuroscience Surgical Neurology International (SNI) refers to it as Neurosurgery 2.0.


  • Also called: weblog
  • Description: a specific type of website where typically the webmaster  regularly posts content (text, multimedia) and users can react with comments.
  • Added value: useful to stay informed on a variety of topics, especially in combination with RSS feeds.
  • Useful blogs in neurosurgery: SNI Posts, Neurosurgery Report,
  • Getting started: (1) visit website to read articles (2) feel free to share your comments (at bottom of post) (3) you can subscribe to RSS feeds (see below)

Social Networks

  • Facebook: informal online network often used by students, and now by an increasing number of professional organizations
  • Google Buzz: Twitter-like service that allows longer messages and attachments, but less popular than Twitter itself
  • LinkedIn: professional online network for  that facilitates getting connected to people with similar interests
  • Twitter: microblogging service using max. 140 character messages, explained below

RSS feed


  • Also called: microblogging
  • Description: a web service where users can post short messages (called tweets) with a maximum of 140 characters.
  • Added value: the brevity of the messages allow to scan quite a lot of information in a short time.
  • Website:
  • Tweets for neurosurgery: Surgical Neurology International, Neurosurgery
  • Tweets for general medicine: NEJM, The Lancet, BMJ
  • Getting started: (1) create a free account (2) click on a tweets-link above (3) click the “Follow” button on the respective page (4) search for other people or topics base on your interest (5) start posting messages yourself


  • Description: a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser.
  • Added value: cost-efficient information resource that can easily be kept up to date by online collaboration
  • Useful wikis:, CNS Wiki
  • Getting started: (1) visit the website to read and search topics (2) in case you want to edit information, click on the “Edit” tab on top of the screen. Note: (I) you may need to create an account (II) there can be special markup code in the editor that you should learn to understand


  • Description: an online video sharing service where veryone can create a free account and post videos up to 10 minutes in length.
  • Added value: stimulates sharing of multimedia-based information in an easy way, no technical knowledge required
  • Website:
  • Alternative for longer videos: (SNI channel)
  • Getting started: (1) visit the website to watch the videos (2) feel free to leave your opinion in the text field below the video


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