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NeuroMind for Windows available

For those of you who are using Windows 8 on their computer (desktop, laptop, ultrabook, tablet) I am happy to inform you that NeuroMind for Windows is now officially available.

(click for full size version)

You can download this app for free from the Windows Store. Enjoy!

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International

NeuroMind on Windows 8 Release Preview

The youngest kid in the NeuroMind family is growing rapidly, and getting close to release! Welcome, Windows 8… I have implemented all scores that are in the current version of NeuroMind for iOS and Android, and all anatomical images. Created new icons to fit the so-called Metro-style that you will be seeing on Windows 8, and here is what the start screen looks like in landscape mode:

(click for full size version)

What’s next? First, I will add some more scores that will also be available in future updates for iOS and Android. That means that you will have more than 100 neurosurgical scoring and classification systems on your mobile device! Second, I need to test on an actual device – so far I have only tested on the simulator. I will use the Samsung Series 7 for this purpose. I have registered an account in the Windows Store development section, and reserved the name “NeuroMind”. Just need to figure out how to get the app on the device for testing, without uploading to the Store first.

I am not sure if version 1.0 will include a search option. I want to have NeuroMind available when Windows 8 is released at October 26th, and my attempts so far with adding a search option to the app were only partially successful. I can get correct search results, but going from the results to the associated content is not as simple as I thought it would be. Will be continued…

To wet your appetite, the gallery here contains some more screenshots….

Pieter Kubben
IT editor SNI

The new OrthoMind app: 100 orthopedic scores in your pocket

If you would like to know what your orthopedic colleagues are talking about in case of a high energetic trauma patient who has several fractures, this app may be useful for you. OrthoMind contains 100 orthopedic scores and classification systems, and is based on the “Top AppNeuroMind.


OrthoMind is available for the iPhone and iPad, and for Android.

More information and screenshots are available here.

NeuroMind 2 for iPad available in App Store!

And that is three! “NeuroMind for iPad” version 2.0 is now available in the App Store, completing the triad after the recent iPhone and Android upgrades. This free upgrade also includes the previously mentioned interactive decision support, and many more scores.

You can upgrade your existing installation, or download the latest version from the App Store.

Enjoy the app! Screenshots are available here.

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International

NeuroMind 2 for iPhone available in App Store!

NeuroMind 2 for iPhone is now available in the App Store as a free upgrade! It contains a brand new category with interactive decision support like explained in this video, and almost 100 scores that are relevant for neurosurgery!

You can upgrade the installed version on your device or download the latest version from the App Store.

More images are available here.

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International

Menu updated with Search functionality

The menu of our website has just been updated, and now includes a Search function. This is a Google functionality that we integrated in our website, to help you search all Articles, Posts, Videos and other content from one single source.

The icon to Google Buzz has been deleted as it was hardly used. Our other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) are actively used and will be continued.

Furthermore, some rearrangements have been done, and the Apps section has been expanded with updated subheadings on NeuroMind and SNI Mobile.

New additions are expected soon. Stay tuned!

NeuroMind 2 for Android available now!

NeuroMind 2.0 for Android is now available for download from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market)! It is a free update with many improvements!

NeuroMind 2.0 on Android

A major improvement for version 2.0 is the addition of interactive clinical decision support, starting with 23 items. The system can easily be expanded to facilitate guideline implementation in a fast and individualized manner. Furthermore, NeuroMind 2.0 now contains almost 100 scores that are relevant for your neurosurgical practice.

More information is available here, and the underlying philosophy is explained in this video. You can click the Play-logo below to download:

See the gallery on for more screenshots! Enjoy the app!!

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International


Decision support for depressed cranial fractures

And here is number 5 out of 5 of the surgical guidelines of the Brain Trauma Foundation: depressed cranial fractures. In my earlier posts you read about on epidural hematomaacute subdural hematomatraumatic parenchymal lesions, and posterior fossa mass lesions. Before implementing the final part I needed to fix a technical problem. I ended up creating a workaround that does the job, so here we go…

Step 1: the original text-version of the guideline’s recommendations

Step 2: create a flowchart

(click for full size version)

Note that the double line around the first decision moment is my way to indicate that both factors should be present (a logical AND-operator).

Step 3: convert into an app!

As you can see, the text is a little too long for the iPhone’s display. Of course, on iPad there is no problem because of the larger screen. I have not tested this one on Android yet. At least this is something I have to work on, probably I should decrease the font size on iPhone a little bit.

So, here is how the full Brain Trauma Foundation section on the surgical guidelines look in the iPhone menu of NeuroMind 2:

Now they’re just in the order in which they appear in the guidelines. Probably I will change this into alphabetical order later on… The latest developments on NeuroMind 2 are available here.

Pieter Kubben
IT editor
Surgical Neurology International 

Papers style added to Author Instructions

One month ago we gave you a sneak preview on our upcoming reference style to use with Papers, a Mac-alternative for EndNote. Now we made this style available for download at our Author Instructions page.

It has also been validated and uploaded to GitHub, according to the suggestion of our reader Rintze Zelle.

SNI Mobile on Android tablet

Android users, we have not forgotten you! Our SNI Mobile app is running on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, but not on Android tablets…. yet.

Take a look at these screenshots…. we are working on it! Click the image for a full size version.

The menu available on Android OS 3.0

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Pretty neat… There is no release date planned at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted on the progress!