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Brain tumor, post rhabdoid meningioma surgery

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Incidental Posterior Cerebral Artery Aneurysm

We present for your review and advice a case of Incidental Aneurysm, with no neurological deficit:

- Headache, vascular type
- Two episodes “blind,” transitory
- Neurological: normal
- Visual field: normal
- CT and NMR: “Looks like meningioma” (Neurosurgeon opinion)

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Case of a 49-year-old male with a right temporal cystic mass


49 y/o right-handed male presents with history of medically controlled seizures for 10 years and progressive visual loss that led to complete blindness for six weeks. History is significant for a right temporal cystoperitoneal shunt seven years prior to presentation, completed at an outside facility. At the time of initial shunting, there was no pathological diagnosis and the lesion was believed to be a benign cyst. Physical exam demonstrated bilaterally dilated and non-reactive pupils and fundoscopic exam showed bilateral papilledema.

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