Advances in Anterior Cervical Endoscopic Disc Surgery, by Ara Deukmedjian, MD



    I like the surgical procedure I am working doing cervical spine nucleoplasty wih radiofrequency for cervical bulging disc and it really works but i wish i could learn how to do it through endoscopy if you know how i can apply for a course let me so i would be able to make an application
    Eduardo Ordonez MD
    Neurosurgeon from Ecuador

  2. Ara Deukmedjian says:


    I would be happy to discuss with you. Can you visit our center? Please email me.

  3. Charles W Walsh says:

    Exceptionally well done video presentation. I hope to become your patient. If the results were only 50 % reduction in pain and a doubling of functionality I would cry tears of joy and say a prayer for you every day of my life. In fact I will do the prayer thing anyway beginning today….
    Though a layman I was able to grasp the significance of this procedure. I was also able to follow the anatomy adventure through the endoscope and the A/P to Lateral Fluoro because of my career years as a “Biomed” and your narration, thank you.. I would desperately like to go back to work and this procedure, I hope, would allow for that. The mere fact that the disc ‘heals’ post-op is incredible, though I suspect the healing, like much healing, does not mean 100% rejuvenation I have to agree that inflamnation is the culprit. I have waited for years for multi-level TDR as otherwise I am likely a 3 level 360° ACDF ( Though the posterior work may or may not be necessary) according to the best NS in my area. That is not what I want; to be nearly completely immobile from C2 to C7 with a C3-4-5-6. I have seen and been under the ‘care’ of many surgeons and pain groups for nearly a decade. I have done my utmost to function at a conservative level of ‘pain meds’ rest and therapy so as to not scare my doctor away, yet enough meds so as to not scare my wife away….. ( smile ).
    I hope this procedure get’s a multi-center trial very soon and FDA approval. In the meantime you are to be commended for caring enough to go the extra mile for people who suffer. God Bless You

  4. Ara Deukmedjian says:

    Mr. Walsh,

    Thank you for your kind comments. The Deuk Laser Disc Repair is 100% FDA compliant. All surgical supplies and equipment used are FDA approved. To the best of my understanding, the FDA does not “approve” surgical procedures.

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