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Journal Club No. 2, 2012

The University of Chicago Journal Club

Edited by B Roitberg

Topic – Biases in Randomized Controlled Trials


Faculty: Ben Roitberg, Sandi Lam, Frederick Brown, Peter Warnke

Residents: Mahua Dey, Ippei Takagi, Nassir Monim-Mansour, Javed Khader-Eliyas, Sophia Shakur, Ashley Ralston


Article #1 – Randomised controlled trial to compare surgical stabilisation of the lumbar spine with an intensive rehabilitation programme for patients with chronic low back pain: the MRC spine stabilisation trial. Jeremy Fairbank, Helen Frost, James Wilson-MacDonald, Ly-Mee Yu, Karen Barker, Rory Collins for the Spine Stabilisation Trial Group. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2008 Oct 1;33(21):2334-40.

Dey: In preparation for this Journal Club I tried to assign class of evidence to this study. As an RCT it should be class I. However, it has flaws in design and presentation. Is it still class I considering the limitations?

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