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SNI Mobile on Android tablet

Android users, we have not forgotten you! Our SNI Mobile app is running on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, but not on Android tablets…. yet.

Take a look at these screenshots…. we are working on it! Click the image for a full size version.

The menu available on Android OS 3.0

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News from the societies

Pretty neat… There is no release date planned at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Hemifacial Spasm: Case Report and Video

Hemifacial Spasm: Case Report and Video, by Remberto Burgos de la Espriella, M.D.

Russian Neurosurgical Journal; Vol 3, No 3

Streaming media

While you have been reading our previous post on the work we are currently doing on videos, we have upgraded our Vimeo Plus account to Vimeo Pro. This gives us now the opportunity to combine the flexibility of JW Player with streaming media, which -in turn- allows the large files we are using to be displayed smoothly without waiting. Simply said: you’ll like it.

Here is an example:

Rather neat, right?

Pieter Kubben
IT editor Surgical Neurology International

Improving video experience

Soon you’ll see a lot more of videos on Surgical Neurology International. For that reason we are currently exploring better ways of displaying the videos. This post is about JW Player, and below you see an embedded video that is displayed using the JW Player WordPress plugin. The video fragment is taken from the “How I Do It: Carotid Endarterectomy” video by Dr Atos Alves de Sousa from Brazil.

In this case the video file is loaded directly from our server, which only works for small files. In reality, most neurosurgical videos have a large filesize and for that reason a technique called “streaming” is used. This is also done on our Vimeo channel, where our videos are hosted.

The next step will be to combine these two: the JW Player should display the streaming media from our Vimeo channel. This gives us all the advantages of the (highly flexible) JW Player while keeping all the advantages that Vimeo has offered us so far.

We’ll keep you posted!

Pieter Kubben
IT editor Surgical Neurology International

Russian Neurosurgical Journal; Vol 3, No 2

Russian Neurosurgical Journal; Vol 3, No 1

Neurocirugía Noviembre 2011 (Vol 18)

Citation style for Papers (beta)

Good news for those who are using Papers instead of EndNote for their scientific bibliography and (since the latest version) also as citation manager. We already have an EndNote style for SNI which can be downloaded in the Author Instructions. Now we are working and testing an SNI style for Papers.

In my personal experience (nothing to disclose!) it is a wonderful Mac-application that really facilitaties handling your bibliography and now also citations.

To read more about the upcoming style and a reference to the underlying Citation Style Language, you can continue reading this post at You can also download the beta version of the corresponding CSL file for testing purposes.

Pieter Kubben
IT editor Surgical Neurology International

How I Do It: Reduction of herniated spinal cord

Reduction of herniated spinal cord, by Langston Holly and Ulrich Batzdorf