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Medicine 2.0 conference presentation

We are testing a new feature for Surgical Neurology International, which is sharing (Powerpoint) presentations online. To do so, we use (also working well at mobile devices). Below you can see the presentation that our IT editor gave at the international Medicine 2.0 conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Note: To view this in full-screen, click the Menu button below, and then View Fullscreen; press Esc to exit full-screen mode. To view this presentation on a mobile device, click the link below.

NeuroMind layout question

NeuroMind is currently the #1 ranked iPhone app for neurosurgery in the App Store, and is also available for Android and soon for iPad. A web interface is under development.

Now we would like your feedback on the new layout. Take a look at the screenshots below: example 1 on the left, and example 2 on the right. For a larger image, click the small version shown here.

As you see, example 1 (left image) first mentions the score and then the corresponding criteria. Example 2 (right image) does the opposite: it first mentions the criteria, and then what score needs to be assigned to those.

Let us know what layout you prefer, and -if you like- for what reasons. This will help to improve the app for future upgrades.