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Incidental Posterior Cerebral Artery Aneurysm

We present for your review and advice a case of Incidental Aneurysm, with no neurological deficit:

- Headache, vascular type
- Two episodes “blind,” transitory
- Neurological: normal
- Visual field: normal
- CT and NMR: “Looks like meningioma” (Neurosurgeon opinion)

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Introducing SNI Mobile

We are happy to offer you a mobile version of Surgical Neurology International now, that we will refer to as SNI Mobile. This is a web application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad offering access to the most accessed features of the website: articles, posts, forum, podcasts (UCLA 100 Lectures Series) and the latest Twitter items.

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Early decompressive surgery in malignant infarction of the middle cerebral artery

The University of Chicago Journal Club, August 2010

Editor, B Roitberg, MD


This is the first publication of the “University of Chicago Journal Club” series. The format is new, and some explanation is in order.

- “Journal club” is a popular educational tool, familiar to many readers in some form. Residents, students and faculty meet to discuss one or more articles, trying to put the paper in perspective of previously published literature, practice, and personal experience. This is also an opportunity to critique study design, understand strengths and limitations of the various articles. Many formats can be used for a journal club, but most often a student or resident would review an article and discuss it, followed by comments and questions by faculty and other residents or students. For me, a journal club always felt like a much better way to learn that by just reading a few articles on my own. Even just listening to a journal club was illuminating. The goal of the new “journal club” series at SNI is to share our journal club at the University of Chicago Neurosurgery with the readers. The format is a work in progress, and we welcome comments and feedback.

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